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Physical Science Crossword Puzzle

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Physical Science

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Across Down
5 The earth's __________ blocks cosmic rays from the sun.
6 used to classify earthquakes based on their strength
9 igneous or sedimentary rock that has been changed into a new kind of rock as a result of great pressure and temperature.
10 ____________ in the core causes the earth's magnetic field.
11 rock formed when chemical reactions cement sediments together, hardening them.
12 the point on the surface of the earth directly above an earthquake's focus
13 In a region of the earth that has a lot of ___________, you would expect to find volcanic mountains and domed mountains.
16 less-powerful earthquakes that follow many powerful earthquakes
18 Many scientists think that at one time, all the continents might have fit together to form a ________ called Pangaea.
19 hot, liquid rock underneath the earth's crust. When it cools, the result is igneous rock.
20 rock that behaves like something between a liquid and a solid.
1 The __________ theory is a more scientifically valid theory to explain the earth's magnetic field than the dynamo theory.
2 the __________ is the section of earth that scientists understand the most.
3 the region nearest the plate boundary should have more of these.
4 all information we have about the mantle and core comes from ___________.
7 the boundary between two sections of rock that can move relative to one another.
8 the ______ can be found between the crust and the mantle.
14 rock that forms from molten rock
15 the _______ that was detected on the bottom of the ocean with sonar measurements was most likely the site where one plate interacts with another.
17 vibration detectors, used to analyze vibrations at different points of the earth
18 scientists have observed these in order to learn about earth's interior.
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