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Physical Science Module Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Physical Science Module

                    C O N D E N S A T I O N        
                  S O D I U M C H L O R I D E      
                H Y D R O L O G I C C Y C L E      
                    C                       A      
                    O                       R      
              T R A N S P I R A T I O N     T      
                    D                       H      
                P R E C I P I T A T I O N       B  
                    N                       S   R  
                    S                   P   A   I  
                    A D I A B A T I C C O O L I N G
                    T               A   L   I   E  
                    I               L   A   N      
            E V A P O R A T I O N   V   R   I      
                    N               I       T      
P E R C O L A T I O N               N       Y      
                    U               G     W        
                    C     H       F       A        
                    L     Y       R       T        
                  R E S I D E N C E T I M E        
                    I     R       S       R        
                          O       H       T        
                          S       W       A        
                          P       A       B        
                          H       T       L        
                          E       E       E        
                          R       R                
Across Down
1 clouds are formed by this process, which turns the gas water back into a liquid
2 another name for salt
3 the process by which water is continuously exchanged between earth's various water sources
5 when plants go through photosynthesis, putting off water, which is then evaporated
6 water falling from the atmosphere as rain, snow, sleet, or hail
10 when a gas expands and everything else stays the same, the gas cools
12 the transformation of liquid water into gas form that then rises, due to heat
13 the process by which water moves downward in the soil toward the water table
17 the average time a given particle will stay in a given system.
1 any airborne particle upon which water vapor can condense to form a cloud.
4 the only known planet where most of the water exists in liquid form
7 the pockets of highly concentrated salt water around frozen fresh water.
8 the concentration of salt dissolved in water
9 this is the kind of molecule that salt is
11 a process in which large chunks fall off of glaciers into the ocean, forming ice bergs
14 the line between the water-saturated soil and soil that is not saturated
15 the sum of all water on a planet
16 the mojority of this is stored in icebergs and glaciers
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