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Physics IN The World Around US Crossword Puzzle

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Physics in the World Around Us

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Across Down
7 Unit of electric current
9 Property by which objects resist changes in motion
11 The rate of doing work over time
12 Falling under the influence of gravity without air resistance
14 The process when a reactant loses one or more electrons
16 A chemical reaction with absorption of energy
17 A measure of kinetic energy per molecules in a substance, normally measured in Celsius, degrees, kelvins, or Fahrenheit
19 A row in the table
20 Phase at the surface of a liquid as it passes to the gaseous phase
21 Property of a system that enables it to do work
22 Deterioration of a metal caused by oxygen
24 A small packet of light energy
28 Any material having free charge particles that easily flow through it when an electric force acts on them/
29 A electrically neutral subatomic particle of the atomic nucleus
30 An exothermic oxidation-reduction reaction between a nonmetallic material and molecular oxygen
32 Electrode where oxidation occurs
34 New material formed in a chemical reaction
1 Space an object occupies
2 Accepts hydrogen ions
3 Thermal energy that flows from a substance of high temperature, to a substance of lower temperature commonly measured in calories or joules
4 Any substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed
5 A combination of all forces that act on an object
6 Mass of an object and its velocity
8 A curved path followed by a projectile under the influence of gravity
10 reactors in a chemical reaction
13 A resistive force that opposes motion
15 A reaction in which an acid and a base combine to form salt
18 Small negatively charged particle found outside of the nucleus
23 Oval path followed by a satellite
25 Donates hydrogen Ions
26 when energy freely transforms from one form to another
27 Transfer of energy using electromagnetic waves
31 A rapid state of evaporation
33 A push or a pull
34 A positively charged particle of the nucleus
35 Distance traveled per time
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