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Plant And Animal Cell Crossword Puzzle

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Plant and Animal Cell

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Across Down
6 Tiny structures that help the cell grow, move, and live
8 Protects the cell and regulates what substances enter or leave the cell
9 Self-replicating organelle that breaks down substances
10 Transports materials through the cell, contains enzymes, and produces and digests lipids and membrane proteins
12 Rod-shaped organelles that produce most of the cell's energy
13 Contain complex chemical information that directs the cell's hereditary-related activities
14 Organelles that capture energy from sunlight to produce food for the cell
17 Where microtubules are made; when divided, the two parts move to opposite sides of the dividing cell
1 Directs all of the cell's activities and contains DNA
2 Small grain-like bodies found floating in cytoplasm and attached to endoplasmic reticulum that produce proteins
3 Covered with ribosomes; transports materials through the cell and produces proteins in sacks
4 Breaks down worn out organelles, debris, and large particles
5 The basic unit and structure of living organisms
7 Membrane that surrounds the nucleus
11 Sac that stores water, food, waste products, and other materials
14 Area between cell membrane and nucleus that contains a gel-like fluid where many organelles are found
15 Collections of sacs and tubes that receive proteins and other materials from endoplasmic reticulum, package them, and distribute them to other parts of the cell
16 Transports cargo from the Golgi apparatus
17 A rigid layer that supports and protects the cell
18 Organelle within the nucleus that produces tiny cell particles needed in protein synthesis
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