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Plant Cell Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Plant Cell

        M I T O C H O N D R I A                                
              G O L G I A P P A R A T U S                      
L Y S O S O M E                                                
              N U C L E A R E N V E L O P E                    
        C Y T O P L A S M                                      
              P                                               V
          C H L O R O P L A S T                               A
              A                                           N   C
              S M O O T H E N D O P L A S M I C R E T I C U L U
              M                               E           C   O
              I                               L           L   L
              C E L L M E M B R A N E         L           E   E
              T                               W           U    
R I B O S O M E S                             A           S    
              R                               L                
            M I C R O T U B U L E S           L                
            N U C L E O L U S                                  
              M I C R O F I L A M E N T S                      
Across Down
2 This holds the energy from the sun.
3 This is the distribution and shipping department for the cell's chemical products.
4 This breaks down and digest complex molecules in the body.
5 This monitors the substances entering and leaving the nucleus and separates the nucleus from the surrounding environment.
6 Liquidy substance that is in between the cell membrane and the nucleus.
8 This gets energy from the sun and use it to make food and gives the plant it's green color.
10 This is responsible for making Lipids and breaking down toxic chemicals from all parts of the cell.
12 Controls what enters and exists the cell, and protects its insides.
13 These give protein to the nucleus.
14 Act as a conveyor belt inside the cell and acts as a skeleton holding the cell together.
15 This produces ribosomes.
16 This helps maintain the structure of the cell.
1 This transports proteins that are made by ribosomes which surround it.
7 This stores food, water, waste products and other materials.
9 Acts as a brain for the cell. Controls every thing that happens.
11 This is only found in plant cells and it gives protection to the cell membrane and the cell in general.
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