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Plant Hormones And Signal Pathways Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Plant Hormones and Signal Pathways

              D     X Y L E M    
              E       L         G
              L       E         A
              L       N         M
            B A S I P E T A L L Y
            R                   B
          C A R O T E N O I D S  
            S                   G
            S   A           P   A
          G I B B E R E L L I N S
            N   A           N   E
            O                   O
        A B S C I S S I O N     U
            T                   S
            E P I N A S T Y      
      C Y T O K I N I N          
            D A R W I N          
A N T H E R S                    
Across Down
3 Brassinosteroids promote differentiation of the ______ and suppresses that of the phloem.
5 Direction of travel from shoot toward the base
6 The structure of Abscisic acid resembles these other plant molecules...
10 Hormone promotes seed germination
11 The shedding of leaves, fruits, flowers, and other plant organs
12 Downward curvature of leaves caused by ethylene
13 Hormone that suppresses the growth of roots and promotes axillary bud growth
14 One of the first scientists to discover plant tropisms
15 A double mutant (gid1a/gid1b) will have defective ______.
1 Hormone that promotes leaf senescence
2 A repressor protein involved in the Gibberellins pathway
4 A transcription factor that activates a-amylase expression in the GA response
5 Hormone that promotes cell proliferation, seed germination, and cell elongation
7 Ethylene is the only hormone that is __________.
8 Hormone that signals during environmental stress, like drought
9 Auxin carrier protein
15 Hormone that promotes cell elongation
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