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Plants And Fungi Crossword Puzzle

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Plants and Fungi

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Across Down
8 Tube like structures for transporting water and nutrients.
10 Female reproductive part of a flower.
12 Plants that have vascular tissue and use spores to reproduce.
13 Plant produces gametes
15 When two organisms live and work together
16 Eukaryotes which use spores to reproduce and are heterotrophs that feed in a similar way.
17 Plants that are low growing and that lack vascular tissue.
18 Structures fungi produce spores in.
20 Eukaryotes, contain many cells and are autotrophs.
22 Occurs when a sperm cell unites with an egg cell.
24 The early growth stage of seed when it absorbs water.
26 A plant that produces seeds that enclosed in a fruit.
28 Branching, threadlike tubes that make up the body of multicellular fungi
29 Plants that have vascular tissue and reproduce by seeds.
30 Organisms which feed by breaking down materials.
33 Leaf like structure that surrounds petals.
1 Long thick main root.
2 Structures that capture the sun’s energy and makes food through photosynthesis.
3 Mass of tangled roots.
4 A protective structure which keeps main root from being damaged as it moves through soil.
5 A colorful structure ona flower.
6 Egg and sperm cells.
7 Seed plant that produces “naked” seeds (not enclosed by protective covering).
9 The complex life cycle of plants that is composed of 2 generations.
11 Yeast divides by this process.
14 Vascular tissue that carries water and nutrients from roots to rest of plants.
19 The plant produces spores that grow into gametophyte (new generation).
21 A fertilized egg cell.
23 These contain young plant in a protective coating.
25 Part of plant that supports and holds the plant up.
27 These anchor plant in ground and absorb water and nutrients from the soil.
29 Male reproductive part of a flower.
31 Vascular tissue that carries food from leaves to roots.
32 Small openings on bottom of leaves.
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