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Plate Tectonics: Earthquakes And Volcanoes Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Plate Tectonics: Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Please complete the following crossword

                  V O L C A N O                          
                  I             S                        
                  S H I E L D   I                        
                  C             D                        
                F O L D I N G   E                        
                  S             V       M   M       P    
                  I             E     L A V A T U B E    
                  T   C     A   N       G   G       L    
                P Y R O C L A S T I C   N   M       E    
                      N                 I   A            
      P       C   A F T E R S H O C K   T                
F     W   F   O       I                 U                
O     A   O   R       N                 D O R M A N T    
C O N V E R G E   C   E A R T H Q U A K E                
U     E   E       R   N                   D              
S         S U B D U C T I O N   C O N D U I T            
  M   F   H       S   A       C           V              
L A V A B O M B   T   L I T H O S P H E R E              
  N   U   C               R   M   A   P   R I C H T E R  
  T   L   K   P A N G A E A   P   H   I   G              
  L   T                   N   O   O   C   E              
  E             S W A V E S   S   E   E   N              
                          F   I   H   N   T E C T O N I C
                  L       O   T   O   T                  
              C H A M B E R   E   E   E                  
                  V       M         C R A T E R          
Across Down
1 A mound of rock on the Earth’s surface that erupts lava
3 A type of volcano that is quite flat
4 When rock layers bend due to stress
8 A tube created by the cooling and solidifying of lava
11 Relating to fragments of rock erupted by a volcano; or ___________ cloud
14 A minor earthquake that occurs after the major one
17 __________ currents; The movement of molecules within fluids
18 When tectonic plates move together they _______
20 A sudden violent shaking of the ground
22 When a plate sinks under another plate and into the mantle
23 Feeder _________; The tube in which magma travels up to the crater
27 A mass of molten rock formed when lava cools in the air
28 The crust and the upper layer of the mantle make up this layer of rock
32 ________ scale; A numerical scale used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes.
33 A large supercontinent containing all the earths continents
34 Slow, seismic waves that travel only through solids
35 _______ plate or plate _________
37 Magma _________; Where magma is stored
38 The bowl at the top of a volcano
1 The measure of how thick a liquid is.
2 An opening on the side of a volcano that also erupts lava
5 The measure of an earthquake
6 Lava that is underground
7 The god believed to have left tears and hair in the volcanoes
9 ________ drift.
10 A slow moving type of lava
12 A push-pull wave that can move through solids, liquids and gases
13 The very middle layer of the earth
15 The point within the Earth, where the earthquake starts
16 A minor earthquake that occurs before a major one
19 The layer of the earth we live on
21 When tectonics move away from each other
24 The layer of the Earth found between the core and crust
25 A line on rocks where they broke and moved
26 Most dangerous type of volcano also known as a stratovolcano
29 When tectonic plates slide past each other
30 A fast moving type of lava
31 The location of the surface directly above the focus
36 A hot liquid that spills out of the volcano
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