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Across Down
1 Married to Medea and cheats on her
6 Theatre production with songs and dances to provide storyline.
7 Group that comments on the dramatic action with a collective voice
8 Detailed description or discussion
10 A division or a unit of a drama
11 Gave man fire
12 The turning point of the story
13 Opponent; somebody or somthing opposing
14 A long speech by one actor
16 God that is ordered to bound Prometheus to a rock
19 The wife of Zeus
20 Character that plans revenge on Jason by killing her own children
21 God of Lightning and father of Hephaestus
22 Somebody or something that prevents or hinders progress
2 The reason the actor is saying a line
3 Ancient Greek playwright of Prometheus Bound
4 Struggle or clash between two opposing forces
5 Spoken clarity; word choice
7 A person or thing in a narrative work of art played by an actor
9 Main character; most important character
11 The story or sequence of events
15 The recorded conversation of two or more persons as an element of drama
17 Ancient Greek playwright of Medea
18 Ancient Greek playwright of Oedipus Rex and Antigone
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