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Poetry Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Poetry Terms

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Across Down
2 a figure of speech that can't be understood from the meanings of the words, like 'roll out the red carpet'
7 the way a rhyme is set up; it is usually represented by letters
10 language that appeals to the five senses of smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing
11 repeating a word, sound, phrase, stanza or pattern of words to either create an effect or emphasize an idea
12 a long (book-length) poem that usually tells an adventure story; a Greek poet wrote one about the adventures of Odysseus
14 using the same sound to begin a series of words
15 a two-line stanza that usually rhymes
18 a word that represents a sound, like crash, pow or moo
1 extreme exaggeration
3 the central message of any literary work
4 giving human qualities to something that's not human
5 a comparison where one thing is another
6 a word picture or mental picture of something not present or real
8 refers to the words and pronunciation of a certain region; we used a Southern one when we read 'How the Snake Got Its Poison'
9 a poem with no specific form, structure, rhythm or beat
13 the attitude toward the subject that is shown by the way a poem is written and how words are used
16 a group of lines in a poem that is considered and read as a unit
17 a comparison where one thing is LIKE another
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