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Poetry Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Poetry Terms

  4   5                        
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Across Down
4 repeating a word or phrase to add rhythm or stress to an idea
6 the pattern made by the rhyming words at the end of lines in a poem: examples AABB
7 words in which the sound suggest their meaning: boom, zip
8 rhyming within a line: there sat a fat cat
9 a comparison that uses like or as
12 repeating the first sound in words: the splendid silent sun
13 a phrase that cannot be understood by its literal meaning: feeling blue
14 when vowel sounds rhyme but the words do not: heart/scarf
1 the poet makes his/her own rules about rhythm, rhyme, sound, feel, and look of the poem
2 an exaggeration used to make a point: a mountain of work
3 a play on two words that sound similar but have different meanings: wooden shoe playing off of wouldn't you
5 giving human characteristics to nonhuman things: the moon is tired
10 a comparison between two unlike things without using like or as
11 two or more lines that have the same ending sound
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