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Poetry Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Poetry Terms

Determine the term that goes with each clue (definition/example).

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Across Down
5 verse that has specific meter, but no rhyme scheme
8 a brief poem often featuring nature
9 ex. lying, laughing, low-down lass
12 a rhyme within a line of verse
13 the repeated consonant sound (any part of a word) through a poem
14 strict dictionary definition
16 lyrical poem that praises a person, event, thing
17 pattern of stressed and unstressed beats
20 emotional association of a word's meaning
21 ex. The sun peeled back the clouds and blanketed our shivering backs.
22 mimicking a sound in print
27 a line (or lines) repeated in multiple stanzas
28 rhythmic pattern of syllable beats in a line/stanza
1 four line grouping of like-minded verse
2 ex. That wasn't an unpleasant meal (after a GREAT feast).
3 ex. jumbo shrimp
4 ex. I'm as serious as a heart attack.
6 a figurative comparison made throughout a poem
7 mournful poem
8 ex. He was busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.
10 strict poetic form using iambic pentameter
11 a playful use of the multiple meanings of words
13 overused expression
15 unit of meter where first syllable is unstressed, second is stressed
18 type of poem 'The Odyssey' is
19 repetition of vowel sounds
20 a pause in a poem (shown by extra blank space)
23 similar sound, but not a perfect rhyme
24 mood created by the poet's choice of words
25 a character through which the poet speaks
26 nickname or description added to a name (ex. Alexander The Great)
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