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Poetry Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Poetry Terms

            1                       2  
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Across Down
5 Giving human characteristics to objects or animals
7 The formation of words with meanings that are connected to their sounds
8 The use of opposing elements or ideas
9 A warning or indication of an unfortunate future event
10 A reference to something or someone famous from literature, religion, history or popular culture
12 A group of words that begin with the same sound or begins with the same initial letter
13 Conscious exaggeration, used for either serious or comic effect
1 A comparison between two things, using the words 'like' or 'as'
2 Adsurd or contradictory statement which, when it is explained, proves to be logically meaningful
3 A concrete object that also represents an abstract idea
4 Comparing one subject to another in the most direct way
5 When parts of nature reflect human emotions
6 A group of words that help paint a picture in the readers mind
11 The Writer's attitude towards the subject or reader
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