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Poetry Terms Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Poetry Terms

      R E P E T I T I O N     Y    
          E                   M    
          R H Y M E S C H E M E    
          O N O M A T O P O E I A  
          I N T E R N A L R H Y M E
          I M A G E R Y            
          A L L I T E R A T I O N  
R E F R A I N                      
          O           S       P    
          N A R R A T I V E P O E M
            S   H     M   N   E   E
            S   Y     I   D   T   T
            O   T     L   R   R   A
            N   H     E   H   Y   P
  S T A N Z A   M         Y       H
            N             M       O
            C             E       R
Across Down
2 Conscious reuse of a sound, word, phrase, sentence, or other element
4 Pattern of end rhymes
5 Words that sound like the thing to which they refer
6 Use of rhyming words within lines
7 Using words to help create a picture in the reader's mind
8 Repetition of initial consonant sounds
9 Repeat of a line or group of lines in a poem
12 Poem that tells a story
17 Group of lines in a poem
1 Repetition of sounds at the ends of words
3 non-human subject is given human characteristics
10 Comparison using like or as
11 Imaginative language carefully chosen and arranged to communicate experiences, thoughts, or emotions.
13 Repetition of vowel sounds
14 Pattern of beats or stresses in a line of verse
15 Rhyme that occurs at the ends of lines
16 Comparison of two unrelated items
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