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Polygons Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Complete the cross word below

                    R         D    
                    I         E    
                    A         C    
              Q     N         A    
              U     G         G    
        S     A     L         O    
        Q     D O D E C A G O N    
        U     R                    
        A     I C O S A G O N      
        R     L                    
      H E P T A G O N              
            H E N D E C A G O N    
        H     R           O   O    
      P E N T A G O N     N   N    
        X     L   C           A    
        A         T           G    
P O L Y G O N     A         P O L Y
        O         G           N    
        N         O                
Across Down
5 The name of a twelve sided shape
6 The name of a twenty sided shape
7 The name of a seven sided shape
8 The name of a eleven sided shape
12 The name of a five sided shape
14 The mathematical name for a closed shape with straight sides
15 The Greek word meaning 'many'
1 The name for a three sided shape
2 The name of a ten sided shape
3 The name for a four sided shape
4 The name of a quadrilateral whose sides are all the same length and whose angles are all 90 degrees
9 The Greek word meaning 'elbow'
10 The name of a nine sided shape
11 The name of a six sided shape
13 The name of a eight sided shape
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