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Postmodern Art Crossword Puzzle

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Postmodern Art

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Across Down
2 A style of painting in which the distortions and special effects of photography are shown or used for ideas.
4 Intellectual, cultural movement, beginning in the latter half of the 20th century considered a reactionary movement opposed to modernism.
5 A tool for pushing ink through silkscreen.
6 A style of the late 20th century painting and sculpture that stressed the idea of using the minimum number of colors and values, shapes, lines and textures.
7 A change in form, shape, detail or appearance that makes an object different from others.
8 A type of visual movement in an artwork, created by repeating visual elements.
10 A picture made using a camera and light-sensitive film.
11 Outlines, or halos of complementary colors to make the subject pop out.
12 A print, also known as silkscreen print, made by squeezing ink through a stencil and silk-covered form to paper below.
1 Colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel.
3 Sculpture in which land and earth are important as ideas or used as a media for expression.
9 A style of art based on optical illusions of many types.
13 A style of art based on subject matter from a popular culture.
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