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Pottery & Crafts Crossword Puzzle

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Pottery & Crafts

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Across Down
1 the upper opening or rim of a clay pot
4 the base or bottom of a pot
6 A furnace made of refractory (non-melting) materials constructed to fire clay. They are usually fueled by electricity, gas, or wood
7 wax applied on a clay or glazed surface to cover and area while the background is treated by another color
8 Pottery that has been fired for the second time, with a glaze application
10 To polish clay while it is in the greenware stage until it develops a semi-gloss shine
11 Unfired pottery that is bone-dry, a state in which clay forms are most fragile
13 Clay that has been allowed to dry slightly, making it stiffer and able to support its weight, but can still be worked on and have parts attached
14 Scratching through a layer of glaze to expose a layer of clay or glaze underneath
16 The process of starting with a ball of clay, inserting your thumb and “pinching” the clay between your fingers, gradually expanding and shaping the wall into a bowl-like form
17 The act of aligning clay on the potter’s wheel
19 a tool used to flatten and shape the contour of a hollow clay form
1 A form used for support and shaping of the clay. Made of paper, clay, or plaster. Soft slabs are draped on top or inside and allowed to get leather-hard and then built upon or cut and shaped further
2 Forming plastic clay on the potter’s wheel
3 The first firing for the clay, removes all the water and carbon. The fusing of particles has begun, yet the clay is still porous to allow for glaze absorption.
5 a mixture of ceramic materials including clay, glass, fluxes, and colorants
7 a tool that bends while helping to shape and smooth leather-hard pottery
9 a tool with a ribbon of wire used for trimming and shaping of leather-hard pottery
12 A disk or slab of plaster on which pottery is formed or dried. It is also used to remove excess moisture from plastic clay
14 Using thin sheets of clay to build a structure, the sheets can either be rolled or stretched out
15 A thick and creamy mixture of clay and water used to join clay parts together
17 A building technique utilizing long “ropes” of clay stacked in layers upon one another to create a vessel or form
18 The kneading of plastic clay in a rocking, spiral motion in order to remove air bubbles and create a uniform consistency
19 particles of decomposed rock combined with water to create a plastic, malleable body which is then fired in a kiln to fuse the particles into a stone-like state
20 a support framework for the clay to help it hold its shape until it begins to harden.
21 Clay that is soft, pliable and easy to work with
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