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Poverty And Living Standards Crossword Puzzle

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Poverty and Living Standards

11   12                                                        
Across Down
2 A measure of living standards used to measure the collective happiness and well-being of a population.
3 This measures the complexities of poor people's lives, individually and collectively, each year.
4 A measure of living standards including life expectancy, income and education.
5 An exchange rate based on the ratio of the price of a basket of products in different countries. It helps in comparing living standards.
6 A measure of gender inequalities in terms of empowerment and labour market participation.
7 A situation when people's income is so low to enable them to meet their basic needs.
8 This is a government policy which will enhance the knowledge and earning potential of people.
9 A situation where people are trapped in poverty.
10 An index which multiplies the life expectancy by a happiness index.
11 A condition when people are poor in comparison to others in the same country.
1 Since the elderly and some of the sick and disabled cannot work they may not have savings to support them. The government will give this to them so they can avoid absolute poverty.
2 A measure of living standards which includes a variety of indicators such as income, leisure time, distribution of income and environmental standards.
12 The level of comfort, material goods, and necessities available to a person or group.
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