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Power Tools Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Power Tools

                            O                 T           E  
                            U           R     R           L  
                            N           I     I   C       E  
                            T     M     N     G   H       T  
                            E     A     G     G   U   B   R  
                            R     S     T     E   C   O   I  
                            S     O     E     R   K   O   C  
                            I     N     S     L   K   S   T  
                    G R O U N D F A U L T P R O T E C T I O N
                      E     K     R           C   Y   E   O  
          A B R A S I V E         Y           K       R   L  
                      O                         G         S  
                A C A L T E R N A T I N G C U R R E N T      
                      T                         I            
                D C D I R E C T C U R R E N T   T            
R E C I P R O C A T I N G                                    
                      P N E U M A T I C T O O L S            
                    G R O U N D F A U L T C I R C U I T      
                      I N T E R R U P T E R G F C I          
            H Y D R A U L I C T O O L S                      
                      E                     C                
              H A Z A R D O U S M A T E R I A L S            
                      P                     R   H            
            F E R R O M A G N E T I C       B   A            
                        U           H       I   N            
                        G           U       D   K            
                        U           C       E                
                        E           K                        
Across Down
8 Proctection againist short circuits; a safety device cuts power off as soon as it senses any imbalance between incoming and outgoing current.
10 A substance, such as sandpaper, that is used to wear away material.
12 An eletrical current that reverses its direction at regularly reccuring intervals; the current delivered through wall plugs.
13 Eletrical current that flows in one direction, from the negative.
14 Moving back and fourth.
15 Air-powered tools.
16 A circuit breaker designed to protect people.
17 A circuit breaker designed to protect people from eletric shock and to protect equipment from damage by interrupting the flow of eletricty if a circuit fault occurs.
18 Tools powered by fluid pressure.
20 Materials such as chemicals that must be transported stored applied handled and indentified according to federal state or local regulations.
22 Having magnectic properties.
1 A bit or drill used to set the head of a screw at or below the surface of the material.
2 A small lever switch or part that you push or pull to activate a locking catch or spring.
3 tools powered by elereicty.
4 A method of testing the condition of a grinding wheel.
5 A small, T-shaped steel piece used to open and close the chuck on power.
6 Building material such as stone brick or concrete block.
7 Gunpowder cartidge used to power powder- actuated fastening tools.
9 The number of times or rate a motor componet or accessory drill bit completes one full rotation every minute.
11 A granular abrasvie used to make sandpaper or appled to the surface of a grindnig wheel to give it a nonslip finish.
19 A very hard material made of carbon and one or more heavy metals. Commonly used in one type of saw blade.
21 the smooth part of a drill bit that fits into the chuck.
23 A tool with a sprial cutting edge for boring holes in wood and other materials.
24 A clamping device that holds an attacment; for example, chuck on power drills.
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