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Pre-calculus Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
10 The complex number a+bi when a=0 and b is not equal to 0.
11 Used to determine the possible number of possible real zeros a polynomial has.
12 X=-b+or- the square root of b squared-4ac over 2a.
13 When a polynomial is divided by one of its binomial factors x-r.
14 An inequality that consists of one or more rational expressions.
15 A corollary to the rational root theorem.
16 An expression of the form where the coefficients represent complex numbers,is not zero, and n represents a nonnegative integer.
18 A solution that does not satisfy the original equation.
20 A process used to create a perfect square trinomial.
21 An inequality that contains a radical expression with the variable in the radicand.
27 Directions in testing possible zeros.
30 A value of x for which f(x)=0.
31 A solution of the equation P(x)=0.
1 A polynomial that is set equal to zero
2 A function y=P(x) where P(x) is a polynomial inone variable.
3 Help you to confirm whether you have determined all of the real zeros.
4 A complex number of the form a=bi where b does not equal 0 and i is the imaginary unit.
5 The binomial x-r is a factor of the polynomial P(x) if and only if P(r)=0.
6 A shortcut for dividing a polynomial by a binomial of the form x-r.
7 In one variable is the greatest exponent of its variable.
8 Used to help determine the zeros of a function.
9 Every polynomial equation with degree greater than zero has at least one root in the set of complex numbers.
17 The coefficient of the term with the highest degree.
19 the conjugate of the complex number a+bi is a-bi.
22 An integer greater than or equal to the greatest real zero.
23 An integer less than or equal to the least real zero.
24 One of the fractions that was added or subtracted to result in a given rational expression.
25 Any number of the form a+bi where a and b are real numbers.
26 In the quadratic formula, the expression under the radical sign, b squared-4ac.
28 An equation that contains a radical expression with the variable in the radicand.
29 Has one or more rational expressions.
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