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Principles OF Business Crossword Puzzle

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Principles of Business

Read and answer the questions carefully

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Across Down
6 _____ ___ persons are not only liable to lose what they invested but they can also lose their personal assets
7 _____ _ ___ is known as large enterprises benefitting from bulk buying at a discounted price.
9 ___ focuses on one particular job or task and becoming an expert at it.
10 _____ ____ allows people to invest in a business and they are only liable to lose what they invested
13 which disadvantage made goods difficult to split because of the exchange rate?
14 Which type of service allows a person to person contact.
16 a fixed payment made to the bank regularly such as every, month, fortnight, quarterly or yearly is called?
17 Which type of service is goven without person to person contact
18 ___ are enterprises operated by the government (e.g. WASA/ T&Tec
21 what was the items used for bartering such as shells, beads, axes, etc. called?
22 what characteristic refers to money being standardized in appearance for all notes (all notes should look the same)
23 ________ refers to the buying and selling of goods and services through an electronic medium such as the internet.
24 A cheque drawn on the bank itself rather from the customer's account is known as a__ __?
25 A ____ is any situation that brings buyers and sellers together for the purpose of exchange.
1 A business owned and operated by one individual is known as a ?
2 An _______ is the system of the production, distribution and consumption used by a society to allocate scarce resources.
3 ___ is resources used by a business such as, machines and equipments.
4 ____ is an asset used as payment for a loan if the debtor fails to make a regular payment.
5 ____ is a public sector type such as, sport centres, community centres, bus service etc.
8 A business consisting of 2 -20 individuals who form themselves into a business unit with the common goal of making a profit is known as what business type?
11 An item that is willingly accepted in exchange for goods and services.
12 Trinidad and Tobago exports Oil and Gas, this type of resource or good used to trade is known as a ___?
15 Exchange between goods for goods without the use of money?
19 Who is the person who takes the risk of starting up a business?
20 If money is harder to obtain it means that money is____ ?
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