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Prokaryote Metabolism Crossword Puzzle

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Prokaryote Metabolism

Use the notes to research the words needed to complete this puzzle

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                                                    4   5
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Across Down
6 reactions that consume more energy than they produce
8 Reactions that use water in which bonds are broken
10 frequency of collisions containing sufficient energy to cause a chemical reaction
11 Sequences of chemical reactions
13 atoms,molecules, and ions must collide
14 building of complex molecules from simpler ones
15 These are formed and broken constantly within an organism
18 more collisions equals more.....
20 collision energy required for a chemical reaction
1 biological catalysts
2 substances that can speed up chemical reactions without being changed themselves
3 Energy is released when this group is split from ATP
4 Energy producing reactions
5 the higher a particles velocity the more likely this happens
7 reactions that release water
9 a specific substance that an enzyme acts on
12 Substance A and B are the.....
16 Adenosine TriPhosphate
17 Energy using reactions
19 The sum total of all biochemical reactions within an organism
20 When phosphate groups are split this molecule is formed
21 Substance AB is the .....
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