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Propane Facts Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Propane Facts

Learning about propane is a key area of safety at Ditech

                          D       D            
                      H E A V I E R            
                          T       O            
                    P R O P A N E     F        
                          L           R        
                          A       D   O        
                  S A F E T Y S H O E S        
            A R E A       E       T   T        
                  F                   B O I L S
                R E F L E C T I V E   I        
                  T                   T E A M  
                C Y L I N D E R   D   E        
                  G               I            
                  L               P P E        
                T A R E W E I G H T            
              P   S               U            
          P   E   S   M           B            
          R O T T E N E G G S   H E L M E T    
    A S M E   R   S   R                        
          S   O       C                        
          S   L     H A Z M A T                
          U   E       P                        
V A P O U R   U       T                        
          E   M     S A F E T Y                
Across Down
3 Propane vapour is ________ than air
4 _______ will cause frost bite
7 You must always have __________ on your feet when entering production area
8 At the end of any shift, you must clean your _______
9 Propane ______ at -42deg Celsius
10 While walking in our yards, you must always wear a ________ vest
11 Helping your colleagues, also mean you are working as a ________
12 As temperature rises, so does the pressure inside a __________
14 Personal Protective Equipment is also known as ______
15 a DOT cylinder will have a ________ marked with the data information
19 The smell of propane has a similar smell as __________
20 For your safety, you must always wear a safety _______ on your head while inside the plant
21 A Tank is also know as _____
22 The 1075 sticker on a tank/cylinder, identifies a propane ________ symbol
23 One litre of liquid propane equals 270 litres of ________
24 _______ is every ones responsibility
1 an American DOT must be _______ tested before it can be certified
2 An A.S.M.E. tank, has its information on a __________
5 Propane, if directly expose to the skin, could cause
6 an ______ has a working pressure of 375psi
7 _______ must be worn at all times while inside the plant
13 A _______ is designed to let you know when the tank/cylinder has been filled to 80%
16 Propane, sometimes known as Liquefied _________ Gas or LPG
17 what is the first thing to be check before you remove a part in any tank/cylinder
18 _________ is added to the propane so we can tell if there is a propane gas leak.
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