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Properties OF Mixtures Crossword Puzzle

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Properties of Mixtures

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Across Down
3 compound made up of 2 molecules of hydrogen & 1 molecule of oxygen
4 means 'breaking up' or 'separating'
5 can be separated; no chemical change; each element keeps its own properties
6 a property that involves the ability of a substance to react with other materials & form new substances
8 a property that describes a substance by itself such as color, shape, denisty or hardness
9 two or more substances that are put together to form a single substance
11 a change that does not make a substance into a new substance
12 can see the particles with the naked eye and they will settle out over time
13 the ability of a substance to go through a chemical change
14 the substance to be dissloved - i.e. sugar
15 a change in which one or more substances are formed
16 the one doing the dissolvong; water is a universal one
18 compound made up Na + Cl
1 means 'putting together'
2 the ability of a substance to resist going through a chemical change
4 a single substance breaks up, forming two or more different substances
7 the amount of mass something has in relation to its volume
10 made of up two or more elements that are chemically combined
17 groups of molecules that are mixed in a completely even distribution; a solute dissolved in a solvent
19 particles are larger than in a solution but do not settle out
20 a mixture of two liquids that don't disslove
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