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Psychology Cross Word Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Psychology Cross Word

                                      A     A     C      
                                      M     R     A      
                                      J     I     R      
                                      A     S     L      
                                      M     T     R      
                    I                 E     O     O      
                F U N C T I O N A L I S M   T     G      
                    T                       L     E      
                    E D W A R D B T I T C H E N E R      
              N     R                             S      
              A   M A R G A R E T F L O Y W A S H        
              T     C                           U        
W I L H E M W U N D T                           M        
              R     I N T R O S P E C T I O N   A        
              E     V                           N        
                    E                           I        
        S I G M U N D F R E U D                 S        
                    U                           T        
                    A B R A H A M M A S L O W   I        
                    L                           C        
                  P S Y C H O A N A L Y S I S            
                  H                     T                
                  Y     B F S K I N N E R                
                  S                     U                
                  I                     C                
                  O                     T                
                  L                   N U R T U R E      
                  O                     R                
                  G               B E H A V I O R I S M  
                  Y                     L                
                                      P S Y C H O L O G Y
Across Down
5 Emphasizes the studying the purpose, or function, of behavior and mental experiences
6 Englishman who approached the idea of structuralism
8 The first American woman to earn a PhD in Psychology as well as the second woman to be elected president of the APA
10 A German physiologist that applied experimental methods to the study of fundamental or auditory stimuli
11 Where subjects would view a simpled stimulus and then try to reconstruct their sensations and feelings immediately after viewing the stimulus
12 Thought psychoanalysis emphasized the role of unconscious conflicts in determining behavior and personality
13 Developed a theory of motivation that emphasized psychological growth
14 Emphasizes the role of unconscious factors in personality as well as behavior
16 Like Watson, believed that psychology should restrict itself to studying outwardly observable behaviors that could be measured and verified
17 The impact of the way you're raised (interactions, parental upbringing, etc) and how it influences you
18 Emphasizes the study of observable behaviors, especially as they pertain to the process of learning
19 The science of behavior and mental processes
1 His ideas became the basis for the concept of functionalism
2 A Greek philosopher that studied dreams
3 This man emphasized on the conscious experiences opposed to the unconscious experiences
4 The idea that mind and body are separate entities that interact to produce sensations, emotions, and other conscious experiences
7 The impact of environmental that influences an individual
9 Emphasizes on the conscious experiences rather than the unconscious experiences
14 A branch of biology that studies the functions of and parts of the body
15 Complex conscious experiences that are broken down into elemental structures. or components part of sensations and feelings
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