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Rabbit Breeds Crossword Puzzle

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Rabbit Breeds

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Across Down
1 Gentle and friendly minded. They yield wool and fiber length is about 10 cm and is plucked twice a year.
3 Quite small in size but look bigger due to fluffy hair. Long erect ears. The wool has to be even on both sides and have an even length.
4 Best suited for adults and are beautiful rabbits. They look like they have a lion's mane.
8 Ears are 5 centimeters long. Popular show rabbits. Have babyish appearance
10 Popular meat breed. White is the preferred color. They are very hardy.
12 Excellent meat rabbit. Pure white color with pink eyes.
13 Wide long ears that hang on their sides. Calm nature and curious.
2 Ears do not stand erect but rather lop along the side. They have a short and flat muzzle similar to a cats.
5 Very gentle and docile breed. Have chubby faces and lopped ears.
6 Originally from Germany. They have no visible neck and eyes are round and bright.
7 All purpose breed with excellent carcass and fur. They change colors with maturity.
9 Their rear half is the same color as the head. Black is the most common color. They have a blaze.
11 Fairly short ears and the face is quite thick. Round body. Lifespan: 10+ years. Breed also known as the 'Velveteen' rabbit
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