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Radiology Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 a test that uses high frequency sound waves to make pictures of your heart
4 lower part of the long flat bone located in the center of the chest
5 a bone forming part of the ankle joint
9 a piece of clothing that is worn on the hand
14 the place where you are employed
16 the bony arch on the outer part of the eye socket
18 a unit of measurement for showing the amount of radiation received by a person over a period of time
20 radiography in which a 3D image of a body structure is constructed by computer from a series of plane cross-sectional images made along an axis
23 a small organ in the body that stores bile
25 a room where surgery takes place
26 modality uses catheters and guide wires
29 the breaking of hard tissue
31 the branch of medicine that deals with the use of radioactive substances in research, diagnosis, and treatment
35 medication used to highlight organs and vessels
36 a type of radiation that can go through many solid substances allowing hidden object such as bones and organs in the body to be photographed
1 one of the bones between the fingers and the wrist
3 the connection of the tibia and fibula
6 relating to the chest
7 an organ in the body where food is digested
8 the process of removing and examining a small amount of tissue
10 your boss
11 the long bone in the upper part of the leg
12 the study of the medical use of radiation
13 the area of a hospital that is responsible for providing medical and surgical care to patients that arrive in need of immediate care
15 equipment or clothing that protects people from health risks at work
17 special sound waves used in processes such as examining organs inside the body
19 a measured amount of something such as medicine
21 an organ in your face that helps you see
22 the long bone in the upper part of the arm that extends from the shoulder to the elbow
24 the lower part of the back
27 the long tube that carries solid waste from the stomach to the outside of your body
28 a medical examination performed using magnetic resonance imaging
30 a person who is receiving medical care
32 neck spin
33 bones in your foot between you ankle and your toes
34 examination room in a hospital with diagnostic imaging equipment used to visualize the arteries and chamber of the heart
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