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Rays And Reflection Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Rays and Reflection

Find the words using the hints below:

                                  R     T
                                  A     R
        M                         N     A
        I                 P       S     N
        R                 L       P     S
        R                 A   I   A     L
        O                 N   M   R     U
    V I R T U A L I M A G E   A   E     C
          H                   G   N     E
      S P E C U L A R R E F L E C T I O N
          A                             T
        A N G L E O F I N C I D E N C E  
          L A T E R A L I N V E R S I O N
O P A Q U E                              
          O                             R
      R E F L E C T E D R A Y           E
          R                             F
        G E O M E T R I C O P T I C S   L
          F                             E
          L                             C
        P E R P E N D I C U L A R       T
          C                             I
          T                             O
        D I F F U S E R E F L E C T I O N
          O                         N    
        I N C I D E N T L I G H T   C    
                    O   I           I    
                    R   G           D    
                    M   H           E    
                    A   T           N    
                    L   R           T    
                        A           R    
                        Y           A    
Across Down
6 Formed in a location where where the rays cannot actually reach.
8 Parallel rays bounce off a flat surface, reflected rays remain parallel.
9 Equal to angle of reflection.
10 An inverted imaged laterally through a reflection.
11 Doesn't allow light to pass through (Absorbs or reflects instead).
13 Outgoing light ray.
14 Used to model the path that light follows.
15 Meeting another line, surface, or plane at 90 degrees.
16 Parallel rays bounce off a rough surface, reflected rays go in different directions
18 Incoming ray
1 Allows most light to pass through.
2 Allows some light to pass through.
3 Reflects light and creates and image of whats in front of it.
4 Surface with dimensions, 2D in our case.
5 Measured by the acronym SALT.
7 Equal to angle of incidence
12 Measured with angle of incidence, angle of reflection, and a normal line.
17 Incoming light ray.
19 A line at the 90 degree angle point between the angle of incidence and angle of reflection.
20 These go into our eyes.
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