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Rays And Reflections Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Rays and Reflections

                                L       T  
                                E       R  
  T R A N S L U C E N T         C       A  
          P                     T       N  
        G E O M E T R I C O P T I C S   S  
          C                     O       P  
  V I R T U A L I M A G E       N       A  
          L                             R  
          A N G L E O F I N C I D E N C E  
M I R R O R                             N  
          R                             T  
  P     P E R P E N D I C U L A R          
  L       F                                
  A       L A T E R A L I N V E R S I O N  
  N       E                                
R E F L E C T E D R A Y                    
        D I F F U S E R E F L E C T I O N  
          O                         N   O  
        I N C I D E N T L I G H T   C   R  
        M               I           I   M  
        A               G           D   A  
        G               H           E   L  
        E               T           N      
                        R           T      
                        A           R      
                        Y       O P A Q U E
Across Down
3 Allows some light to go through while reflecting the rest
5 Also known as 'ray' optics
6 Formed when rays can't reach a certain location, only visible sometimes
7 When a line or ray makes with a perpendicular to the surface of the point of ___________
8 Something that reflects light when it touches its surface
10 Lines that are at a right angle towards eachother
11 Real or apparent reversal of left and right
12 The ray that occurs once light bounces off of an object
13 When reflected rays are not parallel anymore
16 Light that fall towards an object
18 Allows no light to pass through
1 Light that bounces off of a surface
2 Allows all or most of the light to pass through
4 Parallel rays that reflect from the surface and stay parallel
9 Two dimensional flat surface
14 The ray that is coming in to hit the surface of an object
15 Line drawn perpendicular to the surface
16 Follows an algorithm known as 'SALT'
17 A single path that light follows
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