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Real Estate Finance Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Real Estate Finance

                          L             C       E            
                          I             A       F            
                          N             P       I   P        
                          G   N         A       N   R        
                          X   C     F   C   F   A   E        
                C         I   R     L   I   I   N   P        
                O         A   E     O   T   C   C   A        
                L     P R O M I S S O R Y N O T E   Y        
                L     U       F     R               M        
                A     R                             E        
                T     C R E D I T R E P U T A T I O N        
                E     H                             T        
                R     A C C E L E R A T I O N   A            
                A     S                       G P M       D  
                L I F E I N S U R A N C E   L   P         E  
                      M                     T   R         E  
    S E V E N T Y T W O                 P   V   A   L     D  
                      N E G A T I V E A M O R T I Z A T I O N
      D U E O N S A L E                 I   A   S   N     F  
                      Y                     T   A   D     T  
                U N E M P L O Y M E N T     I   L   C     R  
    B                 O                     O       O     U  
    U             F I R S T M O R T G A G E   L I E N     S  
J   Y   F             T                             T     T  
U N D E R W R I T I N G                             R        
D   O   M             A N C H O R T E N A N T     Y A V A S  
I   W                 G                             C        
C   N               R E A L P R O P E R T Y   M O R T G A G E
I                       P                                    
A                       R                                    
Across Down
9 Creates obligation to repay loan in accordance with its terms
10 The second C of mortgage underwriting
11 This clause allows the mortgagee to accelerate the debt in the case of a default
13 Graduated Payment Mortgage
15 This is sometimes included in an APR calculation; not application fees
17 This rule will tell you how long it will take you to double your money at certain interest rates
20 When required payments exceed a payment cap (difference is compounded and added to balance)
21 Allows lender to accelerate debt when the property is sold/transferred
22 Highest type of hardship resulting in delinquency
24 Senior or prior mortgage
25 Dominant theory throughout the United States and used in Wisconsin; not title theory
28 Evaluating a borrower's loan request with respect to profitability and riskiness of the loan
29 First & leading tenant in a shopping center
30 Professor of Real Estate Finance at UW-Madison
31 A bundle of rights to use and dispose of land and its improvements
33 DepPledges designated property as security for debt
1 Used when considering gainst due to lowering 'i'
2 T.A. of Real Estate Finance at UW-Madison
3 The third C of mortgage underwriting
4 Clause; lender is not required to accept advance payments unless this exists
5 National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries
6 Maximum reduction (b/w periods over the life of the loan)
7 This score makes a big difference in how lenders see you and what they will charge
8 The first C of mortgage underwriting
9 Seller provides the financing
12 This is not included in APR
14 Primary security instrument, other than a mortgage, in WI foreclosure laws
16 Loan amount/ estimated property value
18 Private Mortgage Insurance
19 Seller retains the title until the borrower pays a % of the purchase price
23 This type of loan is used to attract buyers during periods of high interest rates
26 Type of foreclosure where property will be auctioned off to the highest bidder
27 Fixed Rate Mortgage
32 Annual Percentage Rate
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