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Refrigeration Theory One Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Refrigeration Theory One

        V   L                   C     P   C                
        O   I                   H     R   O                
        L   N                   A     E   N                
      S U P E R F I C I A L     R     S   D                
        M   A       O           L     S   E                
        E   R       N           E     U   N                
              S Y S T E M P R E S S U R E S                
              U     R                 E   E     C          
              P   C O M P R E S S O R     S     O          
              E     L                           N E W T O N
              R     S U B C O O L E D L I Q U I D          
              H     A                           U          
  J           E     D I S P L A C E M E N T     C          
  O           A     E     P                     T W E L V E
  U           T     Q     E                     I          
  L     K           U                 W       F O R C E    
S E N S I B L E H E A T               E         N          
  S     N   A   O   T             C   I                    
        E   T   T   E X P A N S I O N G A P                
        T   E             M       N   H   E                
        I   N             B       V   T   N                
        C   T             I       E       T                
                          E       C       A                
                          N       T       N                
                          T       I       E                
Across Down
6 Expansion type as if one gets slightly burned.
8 What a TEV maintains (two words).
10 A big sucker in a fridge plant.
11 Also can be said for pa.
12 What one would hope to find in the receiver (two words).
14 Energy offered by a heated liquid.
16 Absolute if compound shows eleven.
19 M x A.
20 mct1-t2 (two words).
24 What one would find to prevent buckling in hot weather (two words).
1 Increase this to get double pressure.
2 Expansion type in a bi-metal strip.
3 Which Law deals in constant pressure?
4 F x A.
5 Refrigeration Law number Two deals.
7 If a rating of 2 is found in your recce.
8 At one degree above its boiling point.
9 Hot 4 x 100 relay.
13 A kick in the family parts makes one hot.
15 Protects one's peepers.
17 Energy as in U.
18 M x gmz.
21 Iceberg temperature.
22 Mh.
23 How heat transfer in boiling water is acheived.
25 Something low needed for condenser.
26 A type of thermometer used to measure down to 70K.
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