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Refugee Crossword Puzzle Answer

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      F                   L   H   P   D      
      R               C   E   A   U   I      
      A               O   V   P A R A N O I A
      U               N   I   H   S   G      
S T A G N A N T       F   A   A   E   H      
      H       R       E   T   Z   R   Y      
      T       U       R   H   A           R  
              N   I   R   A   R E C O I L E D
    B         C O N D E M N E D           E  
S H E E P I S H   D   D                   L  
    R         E   I     A                 E  
    T         O   G     L                 D  
    H         N   N     I           O        
                P A N D E M O N I U M        
                  T     N           E        
                  I                 N        
                C O N D E M N I N G          
                  N   E                      
                      S             S        
                    P E R P E T U A L        
                      R             U        
                F L O T I L L A     I        
                      E             C        
                C H U R L I S H     I        
                      S   N         N        
                    L     F         G        
                S Q U A L I D                
                    L     D                  
                    L   R E F U G E E        
                          S H A B B O S      
Across Down
7 A psychological disorder characterized by excessive worrying and distrust without concrete evidence
8 Not moving or affected by a current
12 Pulled back; moved back
14 Expressed disapproval of something in a public setting
15 Timid, lacking confidence
18 A chaotic uproar
19 Sentencing to a severe punishment, usually death
22 Lasting forever or for a long time without interruption
23 A fleet of boats
24 Having a bad disposition; surly
27 Grimy and miserable, often due to poverty
28 A person who flees a foreign country to escape danger or persecution
29 The Jewish Sabbath, or day of rest
1 full of, or likely to result in (something unpleasant
2 A sea monster, especially a whale
3 Random, not according to any plan
4 An officer aboard a ship who keeps accounts and attends to the passengers' welfare
5 A small boat or raft
6 Discussed; exchanged ideas or opinions
9 A short, stout club used primarily by policemen
10 felt disoriented or bewildered
11 Anger at something that is unfair
13 Sufficient space and distance through which something can safely move
16 Relating to a wold other than Earth
17 Sign of an event that will happen in the future
20 People who have illegally left posts in the armed services
21 (of water) flowing
25 People who don't believe in a particular religion
26 A relatively calm interval
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