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Renal Pathology Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Renal Pathology

          S         I                        
  P R O T E I N     N       S   M            
          V     P   C       T   Y            
        T E N   H   R   A   R   O   P        
          R     I   E   N   A   G L U C O S E
    F     I     L   A   A   N   L   P        
    A     T     I   S   E   G   O   D        
M O N O H Y D R A T E   M   U   B            
    C         E         I   R   I            
    O     I N F L A M M A T I O N            
P E N I A     R             A                
    I         A                 U            
      H Y P O C H R O M I C     R            
              T                 E            
          I S O S T H E N U R I A            
            D E H Y D R A T I O N            
              E   A                          
        M I C R O C Y T I C                  
                  I   W                      
                  D   E                      
                  I   N                      
                  C   T                      
Across Down
3 Alkaline urine can give a false positive result for ________ on urinary dipstick.
7 What is the standard urine sample volume in millilitres?
10 In normal conditions, amino-acids, water-soluble vitamins and _______ and totally recovered in the renal tubules.
12 Ethylene glycol toxicity typically shows calcium _______ urinary crystals.
14 A possible cause of hyperfibrinogenaemia is ________.
15 Lympho____ is part of a stress leukogram.
17 Low MCH is known as ________.
18 USG between 1.008 1.012 is known as ________.
19 An example of a pre-renal cause of azotaemia is _____.
21 Low MCV is known as ________.
1 A morphological diagnosis should include distribution, time, site, lesion type and ______.
2 An ________ in phosphates may be seen with renal azotaemia.
4 Painful urination is known as?
5 Haem detected in the urine may be due to haemoglobin, RBCs or _________.
6 Neutro_____ is part of a stress leukogram.
8 Term for decreased PCV.
9 A common clinical sign of isosthenuria / renal insufficiency is ________.
11 Disease of the renal tubules is known as _______ syndrome.
13 USG should be measured using a _________.
16 Azotaemia is shown by increased creatinine and increased ____.
20 Carnivores typically have ________ urine pH.
22 Renal failure occurs when there is less than ______ percent functional nephrons.
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