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Representation OF Local, National And Global Scales Crossword Puzzle

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Representation of Local, National and Global Scales

Across Down
2 It focuses on the study of a limited space within a country’s territories and borders, allowing for the distinction of the political organization through states.
3 It is an abstraction of reality where the earth’s surface is represented in its entirety or in parts.
4 It is of great use to get to know a city, a town, a place or a landscape in great detail
5 It useful when one wants to know the characteristics of a space located in a specific area of a country.
6 It is shown in a rectangle divided into three parts, which represent one or more kilometers of the surface.
7 It is one of geography’s auxiliary sciences and is related to the representation of the earth’s surface. Its main function is the elaboration of maps, blueprints and globes.
8 It considers the planet as a whole, and distinguishes events and phenomena whose existence and distribution span over great continental dimensions.
1 It is the relationship between the real dimensions of the surface that is being represented and its proportion on the map.
2 It indicates how many times smaller the representation is compared to the actual surface represented, and it is displayed as follows: 1:10, 1:100, 1:1000, meaning that the measurement on the map is equivalent to 10, 100, 1,000 times the same measure.
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