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Reproductive System Crossword Puzzle

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Reproductive System

Male and Female

                                1             2              
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Across Down
3 muscular constriction between vagina and uterus
6 canal the testes descend through to the scrotum
8 union of sperm and egg
10 hormone secreted by the ovaries to help maintain the uterine lining during pregnancy
13 takes matured sperm to the urethra
16 male gamete
17 intramuscular injection of this type of progesterone prevents pregnancy for three months
18 fingerlike projections from the infundibulum
19 tubules inside the testes where sperm are produced
24 receives the embryo for implantation
25 stage of development after the embryo
26 this gland releases hormones involved in reproduction
27 female primary sex organs where eggs are produced
28 these tubes transport eggs to the uterus
1 the _________ cord connects baby to mother
2 rupture of the follicle and release of the egg (can cause a sharp pain)
4 fibromuscular tube that extends from the the uterus to the outside
5 small projection at anterior end of vulva that has similar structure to the penis
7 failure of testes to descend
8 abbrev. for the hormone that stimulates the follicle to produce an egg
9 cell reproduction that produces gametes
11 male organ that produces sperm
12 a fertilized egg
14 male sex hormones
15 primary female sex hormone
20 abbrev. for device that prevents implantation of the embryo
21 tubule leading out of the testes where sperm mature
22 process of the formation of egg cells
23 ligament that holds the ovary at its upper end
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