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Reproductive System Crossword Puzzle

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Reproductive System

  4                                                 5
6                     7                              
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Across Down
6 Aids in the production of sperm
8 Embryo attaches outside of uterus
9 Fluid-filled pockets in/on and ovary
10 Fertilized eggs pass through this from the ovaries to uterus
11 Male body part found between bladder and penis. Secretes fluid to to nourish and protect sperm
13 Located within the pelvis. Secretes fluid which partly composes semen
14 Baby is born bottom first
16 Happens when the placenta partially or fully covers the cervix
20 Male body part found under prostate gland. Adds fluids to semen during ejaculation
1 Absence of menustration
2 Transports mature sperm to urethra
3 Allows flow of menstrual blood and directs sperm into uterus
4 Stool composed of materials ingested by the infant while in the uterus
5 Produce testosterone
7 Germination, maturation and transportation of sperm cells occurs here
12 Offspring are conceived and gestated until birth
15 Surgical procedure for male sterilization
17 Develops in uterus during pregnancy. Provides nutrients and oxygen to baby
18 Tube that connects a testicle to vas deferens in males
19 Ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone
20 First milk produced when breastfeeding
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