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Resources & Rocks Crossword Puzzle

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Resources & Rocks

Find the Words (use textbook if needed)

  5                                           6
      7 8                                      
Across Down
7 A solution pumped into the ground to dissolve minerals in the rocks
10 Superheated liquids in the Earth's crust
13 Crystals that lock together and grow into each other in a rock
14 What large moss is responsible for the formation of coal?
15 The use of chemistry to show what minerals are present in area
16 Device that measures magnetic field strenght
17 When a shcok wave is sent into the ground surface, and the reflected sound waves are recorded
19 The tendancy of soil particles to stick together
1 A large pit dug into the ground surface
2 Process where minerals under pressure become squashed flat and the rock devolops layers or bands
3 Rain water tha includes acids from pollution in the air
4 Molten rock that does not reach the Earth's surface
5 The physical and chemical processes that break rocks down into smaller pieces
6 Chemical substance found in rocks.
8 Igneous rocks that form on the surface of the earth
9 A measure of how fast water enters soil
11 Preserved remains of living organisms
12 Process involving a floating platform that mixes water and rocks or soil to seperate minerals
16 Layer of the Earth below the crust
18 Underground shaft that is on a slope, allowing vehicles to drive up and down
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