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Respiratory System Crossword Puzzle

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Respiratory System

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Across Down
5 This is a large muscle found under the lungs and expands and contracts as air enters and leaves our lungs
6 This is a valve-like structure within the pharynx that controls the passage of food, water, and air
8 When we inhale our rib cage and lungs __________ and our diaphragm contracts
10 These two tubes come before the lungs that help carry air
11 Found in the lungs these are ball-like structures that are surrounded by blood vessels that remove carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen
13 This system functions to remove carbon dioxide from the body.
1 The _________ is the organ that is responsible for supplying the respiratory system with blood.
2 These are the major organ of the respiratory system and are large sacs in which gas is exchanged
3 This part of the respiratory system is a large tube that is made up of cartilaginous rings
4 This region of the respiratory system comes after the nostril and is where sinuses are located.
7 The respiratory system functions to take ____________ from the air and put it in the blood stream
9 This region of the respiratory system is known as the voice box or Adam's apple and prevents materials from entering the lungs
12 Large amounts of air enter the respiratory system through the two structures, the mouth and the what?
14 This part of the respiratory system is a passageway for food, water, and air and is controlled by the epiglottis
15 When we exhale the diaphragm ______________, air is forced out, and our lungs and rib cage shrink.
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