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Revision Crossword Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Revision Crossword

The production Process

              O   E                
              U   T         M      
              T   A         A      
              P   I   L     R      
              U   L   A     K      
          F   T   E   N     E     I
        M A S S P R O D U C T I O N
          C       S         S     P
          T                       U
      W H O L E S A L E R         T
          R                       S
          S U P P L Y C H A I N    
      N   P R O D U C T I V I T Y  
L A B O U R                        
      D   O                        
      E   D I S T R B U T O R      
      S   U                        
          C A P I T A L            
          I N V E S T M E N T      
        E N T E R P R I S E        
Across Down
7 The large quantities of goods and services that are able to be produced because of modern industrial methods, such as specialisation and automation using machines and computers
8 Purchase large quantities of the product and break down these larger quantities into smaller quantities for sale to retail outlets
9 The levels or units of production through which a product will move from raw materials through manufacturing and distribution networks to the consumer at the end of the chain
11 The rate at which ouptuts of goods and services are produced per unit of inputs including labout, capital and raw materials
12 Is the human effort used to produce goods and services
13 Takes the entire output of the producer and moves it towards the market through a group of wholesalers
14 Includes resources mande by people to assist in the production of goods and services
15 Capital resources that can come in many forms,such as equipment, tools, buildings, vehicles amd money used for production
16 Is the ability to see opportunity, manage risk and coordinate resources effectively
1 Operate from shop fronts and have limited storage space, purchase bulk quantities of products from wholesalers to sell individual items and small quantities to buyers and consumers in the market
2 The results of the production process
3 Opportunities for sellers and buyers of a particular good or services to exchange these goods and services at a price
4 Describes natural resources used in the production of goods and services
5 The resources used in production processes including land, labour,capital and enterprise
6 All resources including raw materials and intermediate goods used in prodcution
10 The steps or stages of production along a supply chain
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