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Rise OF Segregation Crossword Puzzle

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Rise of Segregation

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Across Down
2 the act of setting something or someone apart, isolating for some reason
4 frighten in order to make someone do something or stop something
5 deprived of power or rights
7 a test that involved reading and interpreting the Constitution in order to vote
8 southern laws that made social practices legal
9 Supreme Court case which legalized separate-but-equal nationwide
12 facilities, institutions and other places/things set aside for people of different races, these were supposed to be equal in services and opportunities
1 a tax that all adults had to pay in order to vote
3 a law passed to help some poor whites be allowed to vote
6 a political party that came about to represent the common man's interests
10 give official permission or approval, impose a penalty
11 the current state of things, the way things are at a particular point in time
13 famous SC law maker who did not believe African Americans should be allowed to vote
14 give support to a person or cause, bring in line with interests
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