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Road Travel Crossword Puzzle

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Road Travel

Use the hints to guess the word(s).

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Across Down
2 side of road, place to pull over
4 overpass
6 area allotted for each line of traffic
7 thing to make noise to warn other drivers
8 signals for when to stop, slow down, and go
10 sharp curve in a road
11 so many vehicles prevent movement
14 where two roads meet to form an 'X'
15 small passage between buildings
16 official document required to legally operate a vehicle
19 area to leave your car while you shop
20 alternate route to take when a road is closed
21 term for someone walking near or on roads
22 things used to slow down or stop your vehicle
25 circular road junction
27 how fast a vehicle moves
28 bad vehicular accident
1 small building on a road where you pay a fee for using the road or bridge
3 roads meet here
5 lane or road for leaving a highway
9 place where a train transverses a road
10 part of road reserved for bicycle traffic
12 times of the day when traffic is heavy
13 area between opposing lanes of traffic, sometimes containing greenery
17 designated place for pedestrians to cross a road
18 a ridge put on a road requiring drivers to slow down
23 multiple people sharing a vehicle to get to work
24 construction on the travel surface
25 gives information to drivers
26 part of road reserved for cars planning to turn
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