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Roger Sinha Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Roger Sinha

                    P     H                              
                    O     I                              
                    R     F   S                          
                    T     T   E     A                    
                    R     I   X     I                    
            B H A R A T A N A T Y A M                    
              I     Y     G   E     E                    
              L     S         T     D                    
              A                         T R I G G E R    
            P R A I R I E T O W N         H              
              I                         S A T I R I C    
        T H R O U G H O U T     O         P              
              U                 V         S T U N N I N G
N U M E R O U S                 E         O              
              C O C H O R E O G R A P H E D              
              O                 T   R     I              
              L                 U   E     C              
              L                 R   J                    
        D E F I N I T I V E     E   U                    
        U     S                     D                    
        E     I N T R I C A T E     I                    
        T     O                     C                    
              N E W F O U N D       E                    
Across Down
5 classical Indian dance form originating in the South Indian state
7 To set off; initiate
9 An extensive area of flat or rolling, predominantly treeless grassland, especially the large tract or plain of central North America with a town on it.
10 trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly
11 In or through all parts; everywhere
13 causing, capable of causing, or liable to cause astonishment, bewilderment, or a loss of consciousness or strength / of striking beauty or excellence
14 Amounting to a large number; many
15 act of assisting the creation of a choreography, verb, past tense
17 serving to decide or settle finally; conclusive
18 Having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate.
19 Recently discovered
1 To move or transfer from one place or position to another
2 To depict or represent pictorially; make a picture of.
3 A group of six singers or six instrumentalists
4 To direct toward an intended target, verb in past tense.
6 the act of colliding; a coming violently into contact with humor
8 pertaining to, characteristic of, or of the nature or form of rhapsody
12 in music is the term originally applied to the instrumental introduction to an opera
16 An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts / A preconceived preference or idea.
17 A composition for two voices or two instruments
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