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Roles OF Courtroom Participants Crossword Puzzle

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Roles of Courtroom Participants

                        1     2          
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Across Down
6 a government employee who works directly with the trial judge and is responsible for court paperwork and records before and during the trial
7 a group of citizens selected and sworn, according to law, to inquire about certain facts about the evidence presented to them
8 an eyewitness, character witness, or other person called on to testify who is not considered an expert; testify to facts only
9 a stenographer who transcribes every word spoken during a trial; transcripts are necessary for appeal
10 a person who has special knowledge and skills recognized by the court as relevant to the determination of guilt or innocence; may express opinions or draw conclusions with their testimony
11 the court officer whose duties are to keep order in the courtroom, secure witnesses, maintain physical custody of the jury
12 the person against whom a criminal complaint or indictment is filed: the 'accused'
13 an attorney whose official duty is to conduct criminal proceedings on behalf of the state or the people against those accused of having committed criminal offenses
1 a member of a trial or grand jury who has been selected for jury duty and is required to serve as a fact finder in a court of law
2 a person whose declaration under oath (testimony) is received as evidence; a person who has personal knowledge of a fact
3 a person who has either suffered death or serious physical or mental suffering, or the loss of property resulting from actual or attempted criminal actions committed by others
4 an attorney employed by a government agency or private organization under contract to a government body to provide defense services to indigents
5 a licensed trial lawyer, hired or appointed to conduct the legal defense of a person accused of a crime and to represent him or her before a court of law
7 an elected or appointed public official who presides over a court of law, conducts trials, and sometimes describes cases
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