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Rome Crossword Puzzle

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1 a series of wars (3) fought between Carthage and Rome. Rome wins and Carthage is destroyed. Fought over the trade routes of the Mediterranean Sea. The famous generals are Hannibal (Carthage) and Scipio Africanus (Rome)
4 a person that wants to have complete control such as Sulla, Marius, and Julius Caesar
6 these men were elected to represent the plebeian class in the Republic
7 This town in Italy was destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79 AD.
8 2 men shared power in this position during the Roman Republic
9 the ruling body of the Roman Republic (like US Congress today in the sense it made the laws)
10 Leader of the Carthaginian army that attacked Italy during the Second Punic War (218-201 BC) and was later defeated by Scipio Africanus at Zama in 201 BC.
12 first emperor of Rome (27 BC to 14 AD). His rule helped to solidify the Roman Empire and lead to the greatest period of Roman history, the Pax Romana
13 legendary founders of Rome in 750 BC. The name Rome comes from their names. According to legend, Romulus and Remus were abandoned by their mother and raised by a she-wolf and are often shown in art suckling (nursing) from a wolf
15 Roman emperor who made Christianity legal in the Empire. Founded the city of Constantinople
17 the army group that protected the emperor and decided who would be emperor by supporting a person’s claim.
18 these were the rulers of the Roman Empire. Their absolute power was based on the support of the army
20 order of Constantine made Christianity legal in the Roman Empire
23 the Roman Peace. This was a period of time when Roman order brought peace to the Mediterranean world.
24 to distract people from the increasing problems and loss of freedoms in Rome, leaders gave out free food and entertainment
29 general and later dictator of Rome. Killed by the Senate (Brutus, his friend, was one of the killers, hence the famous “E Tu Brute?” (You too Brutus?)
2 These engineering marvels unified the empire because it made trade and travel easier
3 aristocrats, or wealthy citizens, of Rome (the upper class)
4 this Roman emperor divided the empire in half to make it easier to control
5 elected officials govern the state much like in the United States and other countries where people elect their rulers
11 the written laws of the Roman Republic
14 major trade route between Rome and China (Han dynasty). It is a good example of cultural diffusion
16 a Roman term for a central market. People met and talked here and today when people meet in a group to discuss important events it is called a forum
19 mountain chain north of Italy that separates Italy from the rest of Europe
21 the major river of Rome
22 man-made channels used to bring water to Roman cities. Some still stand today. Good example of engineering skills
25 city of N. Africa that competed with the early Roman Republic for control of the Mediterranean Sea
26 a river in western Germany that marked the frontier between Rome and the German barbarians beyond
27 non-aristocrats who eventually win the right to take part in government (the lower class)
28 the army of Rome, each legion had about 6,000 men. Each legion was broken up into groups of 100 lead by a centurion
30 an arena where gladiator games and contests were held.
31 the base on which our laws are made today. Laws unified the Roman Empire. Law is the strongest unifying force of all because no matter where you were, the law was the same anywhere in the empire giving one a sense that everywhere was Rome
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