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Romeo And Juliet Crossword Puzzle

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Romeo and Juliet

                    1             2   3        
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Across Down
5 who is planning on marrying Juliet in the beginning of the book
6 how many hours did the sleeping potion last
7 who makes the plan and gives Juliet the sleeping potion
8 who is supposed to give Romeo the letter with the plan
10 with what does Juliet use to kill herself after seeing dead Romeo
11 who told Romeo about Juliet's death
14 where does Juliet get put after she takes the sleeping potion
15 where do Romeo and Juliet first meet
16 what family does Romeo belong to
17 who wrote the play Romeo and Juliet
19 why does Romeo convince himself that he will go to the Capulet ball
26 who is Juliet’s mom
28 why does Romeo kill Tybalt
30 who is Romeo’s cousin
1 what is the city that the story Romeo and Juliet takes place in
2 where does Romeo say goodnight to Juliet the night they meet
3 which family does Juliet belong to
4 where is Romeo banished to after killing Tybalt
7 where do Romeo and Juliet get married
8 how many acts total are there in the book
9 what does the prince say is the punishment for fighting in the streets
12 what causes Romeo and Juliet’s relationship to eventually be too much to handle in the end of the book
13 Montague's son
18 who banishes Romeo from Verona
20 what Romeo use to kill Tybalt and what Tybalt uses to kill Mercrutio
21 where is the city of Verona
22 who kills Mercrutio
23 soon after Romeo and Juliet meet they plan to get _______
24 whose backyard does Romeo find himself in after the Capulet’s ball
25 who fights Tybalt in the streets and eventually ends up losing
27 if Romeo and Juliet were more _______ about their relationship they maybe would’ve been able to have a better marriage
29 with what does Romeo use to kill himself after seeing “dead” Juliet
31 who knows about the plan Friar Lawrence establishes with Juliet
32 as soon as Romeo and Juliet first meet they instantly fall in _______ with each other
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