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Romeo And Juliet Crossword Puzzle

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Romeo and Juliet

                                                1   2                    
                                  3     4                                
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          28   29                                                          
                          31           32   33   34                          
      36                 37         38                                      
Across Down
6 The person who marries Romeo and Juliet (performs the marraige)
9 Romeo's punishment for killing Tybalt
10 What Romeo uses to kill himself
14 Juliet has to drink this as a part of Friar Lawrence's plan
15 Juliet's cousin
19 What Romeo and Juliets death cause the fueding families to make
20 The things that will be built to honor Romeo and Juliet after they died
22 Romeo and Juliet are described as these in the prologue
23 The Saint the Friar mentions when he talks to Romeo about his change in love
26 Romeo's man
28 What Act 4 is usually called in Shakespeare's tragedies
30 The place of meeting where Romeo will come to get Juliet and take her to Mantua with him
31 Where Romeo and Juliet meet
35 The man who is friends with Capulet and wants to marry Juliet
36 The punishment that will be given by the prince if the two families countinue to fight
37 The first person to bring up marriage between Romeo and Juliet
1 The man who carries Friar Lawrences letter to Romeo
2 What Romeo kills Tybalt for
3 The place Romeo goes when he is banished
4 The location where the story takes place
5 The name of Capulets illiterate servant
7 What the Prince calls the two houses after they first brawl in the play
8 The fueding family Romeo is apart of
11 What type of play is Romeo and Juliet
12 The fueding family Juliet is apart of
13 What Romeo says he loves Juliet by, but is told by Juliet to not say that becuase it is inconsistent
16 The day the wedding between Juliet and Paris was moved to
17 The other Capulet besides Sampson who starts the brawl at the begining of the play
18 What Juliet's excuse when she is going to talk to the Friar (she says she is going to what?)
21 What Romeo says Juliet teaches to burn bright when he first see's her
24 A Capulet who helped start the brawl at the beginning of the story
25 Juliet's caretaker
27 The Prince of Verona
29 The 'police force' in Verona
31 Romeo's best friend
32 The reason Romeo goes to Capulets party
33 What Juliet uses to kill herself
34 Romeo's cousin
36 The way Romeo kills Tybalt (he kills him through this)
38 What Sampson bites to show the Montagues disrespect
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