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Russian Geography Crossword Puzzle

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Russian Geography

Complete the crossword below

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Across Down
8 The Kamchatka Peninsula is a 1,250-kilometre-long peninsula in the Russian Far East.
9 A church in the Red Square in Moscow, Russia.
10 Has two major mountain ranges: the Ural Mountains and the Caucasus Mountains
12 A vast semiarid grass-covered plain, as found in southeast Europe, Siberia, and central North America.
13 A mountain range that runs approximately from north to south through western Russia.
15 A major Pacific port city in Russia overlooking Golden Horn Bay.
16 A mountain system in Eurasia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in the Caucasus region.
17 A segment of the Eurasian chernozem belt that lies within Central Russia.
20 Area in lower central Russia
1 The Volga is the longest river in Europe. It is also Europe's largest river in terms of discharge and watershed.
2 The extreme east parts of Russia, between Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia and the Pacific Ocean.
3 A vast Russian province encompassing most of Northern Asia.
4 Lake Baikal is an ancient, massive lake in the mountainous Russian region of Siberia.
5 The Amur River or Heilong Jiang is the world's tenth longest river, forming the border between the Russian Far East and North
6 A vast interior plain extending east of the North European Plain.
7 The largest enclosed inland body of water on Earth by area, variously classed as the world's largest lake.
11 The nationís cosmopolitan capital.
14 A fertile black soil rich in humus, with a lighter lime-rich layer beneath.
18 A treeless area between the icecap and the tree line of Arctic regions, having a permanently frozen subsoil and supporting low-growing vegetation such as lichens, mosses, and stunted shrubs.
19 A subarctic, evergreen coniferous forest of northern Eurasia located just south of the tundra and dominated by firs and spruces.
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