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Russian Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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Russian Revolution

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Across Down
6 Leader of the Russian Revolution of 1917
8 Portayed by the character of Farmer Jones in Animal Farm
9 local representative council in Russia
10 The global conflict that Russia entered before the Russian Revolution
11 Became the leader of the Soviet Union after Lenin's death in 1924
12 Government control over every aspect of public and private life
13 The fancy name for the working class
17 a system where the government makes all the economic decisions
19 Symbol on the Soviet flag that represents the farmers
1 Material trying to promote a cause or damage an opposing one
2 A large government controlled farm formed by combining smaller farms
3 Siberian Monk murdered because of his influence over the Russian royal family
4 Symbol on Soviet flag that represents the factory workers
5 Wife of the czar and supporter of Rasputin
7 Russian Revolutionary that was portrayed by the character of Snowball in Animal Farm
14 Act of controlling what media the public can and cannot see
15 The name of the communist group that overthrew the Czar in Russia
16 The fancy name for the middle class
18 Philosophy that believes the proletariat (workers) should control the means of production
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