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Salman Rushdie Crossword Puzzle

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Salman Rushdie

      1       2                                    
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Across Down
5 he married ________ times
7 in the 1980s he was a supporter of ___________
10 in 2007 he began a 5 year term as distinguished writer in residence at______________ in atlanta.
12 in indian politics he has critisised ____________________
13 he is the member of the __________________.
14 rushdie's first career was as a____________
15 he was knighted for his services to ________ in Queen's birthday Honour on 16 June 2007
16 his book won____ the best foriegn book award in france
18 this was rushdie's secret alias.
20 mass demonstrations againt rushdie's knighthood took place in pakistan and ___________.
1 currently he is living in_______________
2 much of his fiction is set on india
3 ahmed salman rushdie was born in
4 he was appointed as the commandeur de l'ordre des arts et des lettres de of _____ in 1999
6 he is a ______________ of cultural relativism.
8 he says that he would have become an actor if his writing career had not been successful.
9 the publication of _______________ in september 1988 caused immediate controversey in the islamic world.
11 in 2008, the times ranked him _________ on the list of the greatest british writers since 1945
17 in 2012 he became an author to embrace__________
19 ___________ condemned rushdie's honour
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