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Satellites And Gravity Crossword Puzzle

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Satellites and Gravity

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Across Down
2 The earth's surface is _______________.
5 The British genius who wrote about the principle of gravity was Sir Isaac _________________.
7 This type of satellite monitors the earth.
9 Another word used to describe circular.
11 Although not manmade, this is also a satellite.
13 Manmade objects that have been sent into orbit.
14 Supposedly it was this dropping from a tree, and striking his head, that gave Newton an idea about gravity.
15 Using this is possible because of satellites.
16 Number of satellites in the Global Positioning System
18 These types of satellites are used my the military.
19 If there weren't any gravity, we would all _______________into space.
20 Path of a satellite
1 The earth's gravitational pull on an object _________________the farther away it is from the planet's surface.
3 Satellites are designed to achieve this (not to fast, not too slow).
4 The Earth has an escape _____________________of 25,000 miles per hour.
6 This type of satellite sends messages
8 Earth's gravity makes everything fall down towards it's _________________.
10 When you are in a car, and need directions, this is what you use.
12 in addition to keeping track of the weather, satellites can also help to create these.
17 Closer to earth, satellites need to go __________________to stay in orbit.
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